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3x05 'FREDDIE'

First things first, I LOVE THIS BOY!

I think no-one really know how much I love the Freddie skateboarding scenes.

Karen; Do you think I look hot?
Freddie; Don't be fucking twisted. You're my sister.
Karen; Dad!
Freddie says I look ugly.
Freddie's Dad; She doesn't look ugly. She looks sexy.
Freddie; Dad, that isn't what I said. She's talking bollocks.
Freddie's Dad; Tell your sister she looks sexy on the television. Go on.
Freddie; You look sexy on telly, Karen.

Freddie; Hello.
Effy; Hi.
Freddie; Yeah.Ummm...you're in my garden.
Effy; Yeah.
Freddie; Right. Um. So...
Effy; I...wanted to see what was in your shed.
Freddie; My...?
Effy; Shed. Everyone says you have a marvellous shed.
Freddie; Everyone?
Effy; Yeah. It's marvelled at.

The best thing in this shed is the photo of they like musketeers

Freddie; So this is it.
Effy; So what do you and the boys do in here?
Braid each other's hair and play soggy biscuit?
Freddie; Not...not for ages.

Effy; Why don't you get your porno on internet, like normal people?

Effy; What the fuck's this?
Freddie; Sometimes, when we're too stoned to go outside...
I'm sorry.

Effy; Thanks for letting me in. I know it's weird.
Freddie; No...it's whatever...you know. It's cool. It's cool.
Effy; It just...seems like a good place to hide.

JJ; Welcome to our fortress of solitude!

JJ; I think I love the Sexxbombz. Kren's costume last night was a bit of a marvel.
I'm pretty sure it defied tha laws of physics. I mean, that tiny amount of material
is surely not be able to cover the requisite surface area for UK broadcasting laws.
Did you see it, Eff?
Effy; No.
Cook; That skirt was so short I saw her bumhole wink.


JJ; Pass the spliff, Freddiebrek.
Cook; It's that trick!
JJ; Don't worry, I've perfected it.

Cook; Afert all that excitement, I fancy spunk. You comming,Eff? You soon will be.
Effy; I'd sooner fuck JJ.
JJ; I know that isn't a intended as a compliment but, I'm gonna to take it as one anyway.
Cook; Maybe you dind't get it, I said "Are you comming, Eff? You soon will be".
Effy; I got it. Freddie and JJ got it. That termite over there got it. But you're not going to get it. Got it?
Cook; No, I'm confused.
Effy; I'm not going anywhere near your crayola dick. I know where it's been.
JJ; What's she talking about?
Cook; Piss of then. This is our place, right?, and if you're not gonna shag us, then... Get to fuck!

Cook; (to Freddie) Mate, try and stir my porridge if you want, but I'd say even Jay's
got a better chance than you. I mean, when was the last time you breathed fire?

Freddie; This is like, too fucked-up for words.
My Mum's dead, vote for me...
Karen; It's not like it's not true. I miss Mum every day.

Karen; At least I've got some fucking ambition!
Freddie; I don't really think that wanting Robbie Williams to jizz over your baps counts as ambition!

Freddie; (looking him Mum in a photo) Sorry.

This teacher is just hilarious.

Pandora; I've read it! It was great! I don't really undestand it tought.
Did the ghost do it after all, or was it Voldemort? He's a right beast, in't he?
Emily; Erm, I think you've got your books mixed up again, Panda.

haha I love Naomi in that scene. Well done, Naomi, well done :D

Naomi; Hamlet's basically a teenage boy. He's got these desires, but he doesn't have
the bottle to reach out for them. So, he goes mad and wanks off about Ophelia and ends up
so boring that somebody has to kill him.
Teacher; I'm not sure that's right. There's not wanking in Hamlet.
Naomi; Mmm, yeah there is. Loads. Only they call it soliloquizing.
Cook; Nice one, blondie. She's funny.

Cook; Freds!
JJ; Oh, thanks a lot Cook. Now my nipples are really chafed.
Cook; Come on. We're going down the boozer.
Freddie; Nah, I'm gonna...
Cook; Come on man! I need to get that fucking Dickens out me head.
Let's get fucking trashed!
Freddie; But...
JJ; Oh, come on Fredds! it's been ages since we last went out.
Freddie; No. I'm going home.

Jordan; Freddie, why don't you tell me what it was like to lose yout mother?
Freddie; I didn't lose her. I'm not going to find her down the back of the sofa, or anything.
Jordan; Ok, But, how did it feel?
Freddie; Oh, it felt, great, Jordan. I felt really great. Let me ask you.
How does it feel being a cocaine-snorting, low-budget, corporate puppet?

Jordan; I might be a corporate puppet or whatever. But I have a fucking good time.
How's being an angsty littel prick working out for you?

JJ; Cook wants you to come to Uncle Keith's pub quiz tomorrow.
Freddie; Well, If Cook wants me there, I suposse I'd better fucking hop to it, hadn't I!
JJ; Freddie, why don't you want to be friends with us any more?
Freddie; Cook hasn't got any friends. Just people that he knows.
JJ; Don't say that!
Freddie; JJ!
JJ; So? I mean, what else you gonna do?

Freddie; We'd be good together. Don't you think?
Effy; No.
Freddie; Why?
Effy; Beause I'll break your heart.
Freddie; Maybe I'll break yours.
Effy; Nobody breaks my heart. And anyways, why I would I want that?

Nooooo! The shed no!!!

Freddie's Dad; It's amazing what you can accomplish if you get up early enought, isn't it?
Freddie; Fuck!
Freddie's Dad; Don't swear. You don't like swearing.
Freddie; This is bullshit! This is our fucking shed. Mine and JJ's and Cook's.
Since we were little kids.
Freddie's Dad; Maybe it's time you gwen uo then. Besides, Karen needs somewhere
to rehearse...and actually it's my shed.
Freddie; I think this is the worst thing anyone's ever done to me.
Freddie's Dad; I didn't do it to you. I did it for you.

JJ; Do you know what Naomi is spelled backwards? "I moan"

Emily; Who's this?
Effy; What is it?
The boy; Mike.
Naomi; Romantic.

Cook; Now, we don't let nothing come between us, yeah?
Bros before hos, boys, bros before hos.
Freddie; Yeah.
Cook; Anyway, we've got bigger fish to fuck. How does your sister think she is?
Gina fucking G? This fucking shed situation is fucked. The Cookie Monster does not like this.
JJ; If you find her so reprehensible, why did you have sex with her?... Oh wait, wait!
Freddie; What you?
JJ; That was supposed to stay in the vault. Wasn't it?
I'm sorry. I'm emotianally underdeveloped.
Freddie; You shagged my sister?
Cook; You know what I'm like, Freds.
Half a bottle of grappa and I turn into a fucking machine gun.
Freddie; You fucked my sister?!

Effy; Just be, Freddie. Just be.

Karen; What do you want?
Freddie; I just wondering if there was anything else you wanted to take?
Karen; What?
Freddie; You've got this. Maybe you want my bedroom for a tanning
salon next. At least then you might stand a chance tomorrow.
Karen; Freddie... Just let me rehearse, and you can bitch at me after the final.
Freddie; Oh, I am so sorry. I forgot that's the only thing that
matters in the whole world.
Karen; Grown th fuck up!
Freddie; You don't see it, do you? Do don't see what a stupid fucking cliche you really are.
Karen; Piss off, Freddie.
Freddie; So, out of interest... What were you're dreaming of when you fucked my best friend?
Karen; It wasn't like that.
Freddie; I bet he fucked you good, dindn't he?
I know you type, Karen.
Love me. Love me. Love me!
Karen; Look, stop it.
Freddie; You're a littel fucking whore!

Freddie's Dad; Freddie, every time I look ate you I wonder... You've got your mother's
eyes, but... I don't know who are you any more. You just skate around.
You just fucking skate around.

I don't have word to describe how beauty is that, and how pretty look they two together...just ♥

Anthea; Yeah?
Freddie; Is Effy in?
Anthea; No, there's no-one here but terrible old me.
Freddie; Do you know where she is? Please.
Anthea; She is at the water park, I think. She's goes there to um... get away from here.

Freddie; Effy! I wanna talk to you!

Freddie; Effy, I've come to tell you...
Effy; Freddie. I don't think I can...
Freddie; So,now I've told you,ok? Now you know.

Cook; What are you doing, man? Ler's go out and fucking celebrate.
Freddie; What?
Cook; She fucking lost.
Freddie; I'm not going anywhere.
Cook; Well we'll bring the party to you. Come on J.
Freddie; JJ
JJ; He wanted to come around. Just don't do anything bad, Ok?

Cook; (to Freddie) I really fucking love you, you bastard. JJ, we're leaving, man.
Freddie; JJ, I'm sorry.
Cook; JJ!

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  • picspam: skins 4 opening credits

    Finally they're back ♥♥ (sorry for the crap coloring) | skins picspam archive |

  • #009

    I'm so miserable. I know that. The thing is I had a folder in my laptop with all of you requests but I really hate them so I never posted. And…

  • request

    REQUEST CLOSED its been long time since my last updated I would like make something for you guys. So its request time now! post…